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Anthony Hammond.

ANTBEAR-BTP7D_10290Anthony Hammond is an Award winning artist, sculptor and craftsman based in North Staffordshire.
He has worked nation-wide as a freelance artist since 1998.
His focus is predominantly on large scale public art works and private commissions and he has produced many successful projects across the country for a variety of clients.
Skilled in a range of creative and sculptural techniques and experienced in a variety of mediums,
Anthony specilises in the use of wood and more specifically ‘green wood’, which is timber cut fresh from the tree and worked in its unseasoned state.

This raw material is transformed by Anthony into timber framed constructions, carvings, contemporary sculpture, woven items, lathe-turned products and wood block prints.
Many of the materials used in his sculptures are sourced from reputable sustainable sites within the UK and often locally to Staffordshire.
Where possible he encourages the use of locally sourced and coppiced materials.

Working with wood native to the UK means that much of his work is environmentally responsible.
The raw material is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.

To discuss your project ideas, request a quotation or to find out more about the services available please call Anthony on: 07939 265535 or contact him by using the ‘Contact form’ at the base of the  Homepage