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Video Gallery

Cutting Corners from Matthew Jopling on Vimeo.

Above – Cutting Corners is a non-fiction Film based on how taking the easy way out isn’t always the best way to do things. It follows the work process of skilled craftsman, Anthony Hammond, as he discusses his views on the subject.

Below box one – A showcase of the work of Anthony Hammond, Greenwood Artist.
Anthony has spent many years working with a broad base of clients to produce wood carvings and sculptures from reclaimed materials and sustainable willow and timber.

Below box two – A short Time Lapse video Photographed by Chris Farrow showing Greenwood Artist Anthony Hammond transforming a woodland tree stump into a superb shape – you will have to watch it to discover what he creates! Anthony utilises all types of sustainable materials including tree stumps, both in situ and uprooted.

To discuss your project ideas, request a quotation or to find out more about the services available please call Anthony on: 07939 265535 or contact him by using the ‘Contact form‘